Social Networking the way it should be

Cinsio - A modern, thoughtfully designed Social App to keep you in touch with your loved ones

Navigate Easily

Getting around in some apps can be maddening, but with Cinsio’s navigation, it's easy to remember where you are. Plus, you’re always within a thumb’s reach of where you need to be.

Ease of Use

We made it really, really simple for people to make a Post and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, Videos etc. With Cinsio you can literally show whatever it is that you want.

You’ve already seen it

Once you follow a person, all of its posts show up in your dashboard, just like you’d expect. See something great? Second it to your own feed. Add commentary if you like. Make it your own. Other people will do the same to your posts. That’s how you meet people here.

It’s your Data

Everything on Cinsio is always end-to-end encrypted, so all your conversations are private and secure as you would want them to be.

Earn Credits

Cinsio brings you exclusive offers from your Favorite Brands which lets you earn credits resulting in Free Calling minutes over the Chikoop’s Free Calling Service !

Best Crossover

Cinsio comes to you as a part of Chikoop’s Package, which lets you experience a Seamless transition across other services of Chikoop like Free Calls, Messaging, Recharges, Coupons and a lot more.

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